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Safety Valve

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  • 2022-01-12 17:07:59
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Safety valves are overpressure protection devices for protecting personnel and equipment, and usually installed in HP operation line for cementing/fracturing pumps, pressure vessels and other equipment under HP and high displacement. The preset pressure value ranging 5000psi to 15000psi(35MPa to 105MPa) is adjusted through the top nut. When pumping pressure or operating pressure exceed the preset value, the safety valves will automatically open for pressure release. While the pressure is less than the preset value, they will be automatically closed.
The model of safety valve available: AQF02-105、AQF02-42,rated: 6000psi(42MPa)~15000psi(105MPa).
◆ Construction, connecting mode and size are same as SPM equivalent products;
◆ The butterfly spring inside can realize opening/closing of valves, therefore safety valves can protect people and equipment without shutting down relevant equipment. They are more reliable than shear type safety valves.

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