The purpose of the HSE-MS is to ensure that the hazards inherent in the operation have been systematically identified; that arrangements are in place to control those hazards and to deal with the consequences should the need arise; and that the necessary information, training, auditing and improvement processes are in place.
The provision of a safe and healthy place of work is the responsibility of line management. The manual is designed to provide every employee with a guide for defining and achieving the COMPANY's HSE objectives.
Health, Safety and Environment Management System
This manual has been developed to ensure that the HSE-MS becomes increasingly integrated into the general management system benefiting health, safety and environmental performance.
Seaco Oilfield Equipment co, strives to utilize a leading edge approach to Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems (HSE-MS). This approach represents XCPETRO's ongoing commitment and leadership from top management and is reflected in the policies and programs it initiates and implements. XCPETRO actively participates in community awareness of health, safety and environmental issues.SEACO's HSE-MS Manual provides the policy/procedures and operational components by which each project will be performed in safe manner. Exhibit 1 shows the XCPETRO’s Model HSE Management System.
The Relationship of the Company Management System to the HSE Management System (HSE-MS)
The Company Management System provides a linkage between the HSE-MS and other business activities within the COMPANY. The Company Management System links the business processes of the COMPANY and identifies management responsibilities including those related to health, safety and environment. Exhibit 2 shows the relationship.
The SEACO HSE-MS applies to all areas of SEACO's business--including areas such as administration, planning, operation, procurement and maintenance. Exhibit 3 shows HSE Manual structure.

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