Corporate Culture

1 Corporate vision: a world-class brand, century COR!
(2) Enterprise mission: to provide customers with the highest quality products and technical services for employees to build their talent and realize the value of life platform!
3 core values: customer satisfaction, sincere cooperation, respect for the individual, and healthy development!
4 Business ethics: Inf, Virtuous!
5 Service concept: good service, staff management, staff good customer service - intentions, persevere!
6. Employing the concept: Germany when their place, work when their remuneration, can become their job
7 enterprise environment: unity, harmony, sunny, healthy and happy!
8 Code of Conduct: right and proper, is the line, positive thinking, right effort!
9 Staff spirit: professionalism, dedication, responsibility, loyalty, cooperation, inclusiveness
10 employees Declaration: We gather because we have a group of like-minded persons shared vision, we love what we do business, we are willing to pay the wisdom and efforts!

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