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Our company could supply all types and spec of Mud pump pistons.
Pistons with replacement rubbers
Our pistons are strictly manufactured according to API Standard, which with a high performance in various well drilling environment. The hub is forged from high quality steel, and the piston rubber is made from specially formulated compounds which are of heat, oil and water resistance. It is interchangeable with all other API standard designed pistons.

Bonded Urethane Pistons
Our bonded urethane pistons dramatically extend service life in triplex pumps with ample water cooling. Harder, more dense polyurethane construction provides superior resistance to abrasive fluids providing optimum service life in harsh drilling conditions. It is interchangeable with piston with replacement rubbers.
Bonded Rubber Pistons
Our bonded rubber pistons have no joints to leak. Eliminates abrasive fluids between piston and liner. The rubber construction is especially resistant to chemical and oil based drilling muds with varying aniline points.

Piston Replacements
We offer a full line of piston replacements including piston hubs, plates, snap rings and renewable rubbers.

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